Challenge #932 "Anime" (30/04/21) Entries CLOSED

Tanjiro’s Sword from Demon Slayer

This was quick and dirty, and doesn’t look that great. But I wanted to make something this week. So here it is. Everything was done in blender. I used Mac Coyzkie’s YT,, vid as a guide for a few parts, but I didn’t copy him or anything. If I had it would’ve actually looked good lol.


Nice and simple.
I think it would a great improve with a bright spot on the blade, also for a more dramatic shadow and a bright reflection.

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pure entry, “lain”. Cycles 200/denoising, node comp and use of “fluent” for the wires

could be titled “serial issues” and now Duvet is stuck in my head.
Thanks, fun but hard theme!


I tried to implement some of what u said. Does it look any better?

Yes, the highlight on the blade makes it much more interesting and visible. :slight_smile:
Maybe put a little point light on the tip of the blade to give an extra highlight if you want to play more.

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Thanks. I don’t really have time to do any more to it right now, but I’ll probably add a tip light for fun some time. Thanks for the advice! :smiley:

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Makes me think of Speed Racer. (God that song)

Thanks to RGB to Shader node and cranking up shadow cascade size resolution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I didn’t know whether to go Eevee or Cycles ; I knew about the Toon Shader so I wanted to play with it. I probably should have watched some tutorials or read the manual instead of just playing with it. Oh well.

Demon paraphernalia
Pure, Cycles

Uploaded 30 minutes late, there’s a Work In Progress version if that’s too much.

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Yup, that works too. I used Cycles and toon shader on a previous WEC entry.

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I would think the Toon Shader would work in Eevee and not Cycles, but it is the reverse.

Ah, more anime!

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jona indohito.

I bit off a little bit more than I can chew (or so). Clearly WIP: I rushed the hair and am not happy with the face. But I like some of the details of the shirt and trousers and have ideas for more.


Let’s get some voting done:

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