Challenge #938 "Shades" (11/06/21) Entries CLOSED


PURE Made in Blender & Render in Cycles

I don’t know by just seeing the Theme for this Challenge this Image just comes to my mind so I just made it and the shades of Black and White Gives me the spooky and horror vibes so I just use this theme to show you the first thing comes in my mind.


“Shades on a table after a mild rain”

OPEN used Aviator sunglasses by Kimppo in Sketchfab → licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, had to retopo a bunch of the geometry though spent a few hours just doing that. Everything is done in Blender.

First time joining this challenge, have only seen this last week and man why haven’t I seen this before in my life lol. I wasn’t really sure about the theme for this week but I had some time so I gave it a try. The details are mostly quite subtle since the effect that I went for is old film. The rain on the shades are actually a lot but once the effects are punched in they just blend in :(.


Shades of blue

Quick piece. Trying to get back in the challenge more often :slight_smile:


Night Sky’s

Pure Entry

Geometry nodes in 2.93 have been great fun to work with.



Pure entry, made from scratch in Blender and rendered using Cycles at 1,500 samples.

I haven’t been able to enter the Weekend Challenge for quite a while (years), but have a new computer and wanted to see what it can do as well as get back into challenging myself. It just seemed like fate to enter this since my gamer handle on mic is Shades.



Pure, Cycles w OpenDenoise and compositing in Blender. Most of the time was spent on gas simulation and still have a lot to learn.


Very simple scene using cloth sims, fluid(gas) sims and the Experimental adaptive subdivision with material displacement in Cycles (Easy to throw stuff together but takes ages to render).

Went for a Forgotten Realms inspired “shades” interpretation. Enjoy.

A rainbow of entries this week… (and some night terrors also). Nice materials @HazelQ, is that an Eevee render?

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Thanks! It uses vector displacement to shape the lampshades which isn’t supported in Eevee as far as I know. Also the lighting is subsurface scattering with a point light inside each lampshade, which takes a very high sample count in Cycles to get a realistic result.

Shady Boys


Shades of vintage city

OPEN , I’ve used some models from my earlier projects and few things downoladed from Blenderkit. Composition made in GIMP. All rendered in cycles 2000 samples, Blender 2.93


Shady Bussinesses

Open: the gnome guy is an unused figure from a previous challenge. His cloths and all the rest is pure.

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It is almost 2AM over here. Time for some nightshades: