Challenge #942 "Don’t stop me now!" (09/07/21) Entries CLOSED

I’m looking forward to the cute cat pictures :3

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The swastika, as pointed out, is facing the wrong way.

Don’t back down from talking about Hitler and Nazi Germany, the stigma about it is way too strong for this time in history.

My interpretation of the bullet in the first version was as the muzzle to a gun from a would-be assassin. In that vein, the blurry DOF and broken swastika could be seen as the cumulative effects of history on the collective memory and the 20/20 hindsight of the end of Hitler’s reign. Maybe that is what you had in mind.

No, iam not. But Okidoki has a point it could some people inspire to kill “similar” persons actually. The chances are near zero, but it is more a question of principle. I am have no problem with this at that time, but nowadays there are other ways. From the aesthetics view the the contrast of a shiny sharp realistic rendered bullet with a blurry comic style background gives a very nice note in my opinion, and in philosophical way too.
I like the funny idea to make him quit with an pacifier, but it is more weak as statement and expression.

That is an nice interpretation :+1:t2:, but i have not that much thought over it and in mind.

I didnt expect to kick of such an discussion here.

Wow, that looks great.
I guess the first quick post from you where i interpret it as duster just was his beard in work :smiley:

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Yea he had some bad beard day :joy:

For this theme I couldn’t resist.
Pure entry:


"Another One Bites the Tree"

non competing (open - reused the beaver from my #746 “Natural crystals” entry), Cycles (128 samples, adaptive sampling, NLM denoising), Blender 2.93.1


“One out of a thousand aka create heaven on earth”
non-competing (open)

Open entry, Mario character taken from my wc725 entry.

Hi everyone, thought I would post a WIP:

I know it’s not much at the moment, and to be honest, it feels like I haven’t created any artwork in years, but I hope to get it all done in time somehow.

Take care,

Supersonic Woman

Open entry, 1000 samples. The model was taken from Upgrade :: Flight (, the set and her outfit were taken from Ancient Ones :: Metal Gods (

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Don’t stop me now!

Pure - Cycle - Blender 2.93

Really love this render, reminds me Of a kids show really wel done!

“I’m a rocket ship on my way to Mars on a collision course.”
Alt: “Rocket Ship”

Pure Cycles, 2048 samples


I do think the same, Hitler becomes the scapegoat of all evil so the other madman became invisible, or even worse raised to the rank or heroes, but in a time when historical statues are brought down, and homage to criminals is put in there place, you can expect even self-censorship.

In fact i like the bullet version better, to sugest you can stop a war with flowers is silly.Too much of madness today is caused by ignoring/denying simple facts because they make people fell bad.

I hear that all time, games are the source of violence, i don’t remember any reference of Hitler or Stalin playing Mortal Kombat, where all that come from it? people who are prone to commit crimes, will do that anyway, but they will use excuses to not answer for their acts, and hypocrites use this to their benefit too in political campaigns etc.

@Eugenio_Delga @Helge
Thank you for the topic this week.
I love how this contest pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me learn more about our world.

Along the way I learned a more about Queen, their music and Lady Godiva as well!
Queen (band) - Wikipedia
Lady Godiva - Wikipedia

Pedal to the Metal


Mostly using this theme as an excuse to try out some modelling techniques. The car body is low poly plus subdivision, with booleans for the wheel arches and all the parts. The police cars are copies of the main car. I used Inkscape to make the texture for the police tape and police car markings. Background is from HDRI haven.


Don’t stop me from enter to my dreamworld

Open I’ve used GIMP for composition.

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That mirrored/broken swastika symbol had me a little confused, as well. I understand the intention, though. I’ve always had mixed feelings regarding that specific law. However, it isn’t as ‘bad’ as it sounds as there are a lot of exceptions: “Paragraph 1 shall not apply if the act serves civic education, the defense against unconstitutional endeavors, art or science, research or teaching, the reporting of current events or history or similar purposes.”
I’d say, this clearly keeps you out of jail. :slight_smile:

Thanks Wesley! Who knows? Maybe I’ll find the time and motivation to teach myself some animation skills and burst into the terrifying world of kids entertainment!

I’m rather familiar with Queen but I actually did first look up Lady Godiva on Wikipedia a few days ago, as well.

Why stop now? Here we go: