Challenge #942 "Don’t stop me now!" (09/07/21) Entries CLOSED

I’m having a good time?

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Mister Fahrenheit, is that you?


Didnt thought it is song related:
How do you guys recognize “I’m having a good time?” if the title is “Don’t stop me now!”
I am impressed.


I promise not to explode :wink:

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How about now?


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Freddie Mercury

Open cycles 1000 samples.

I used character creator for the base mesh, I export it to blender where I sculpt it the face features out more. Then I added a simple rig to the model for posing and made vertex groups for adding the hair particles.


What, you were faster this time… :smiley:

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I’m travelling at the speed of light, of course :joy:

Won`t stop us now
Pure, eevee, i am not satisfied with the result yet, something missing,
but i like the idea from peacemaker to pacifier :smiley:

Previous versions


I couldn’t tell if that was a mic with a hairdo or a man with a stache.


If i remember right he has another video where he uses a duster as a microphone. Looks similar beside the color.

Hm, no iam wrong, he uses one but not as mic. I was so sure, maybe not in all version of the video.

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Hmmm, i’m a little uncomfortable with this, because it could be interpreted very very wrong and is a bit controversial. I don’t wanna stop you now, but is he who shouldn’t be named saying this? You are using the counterclockwise cross or sauwastika an ancient religious icon in the cultures of Eurasia (see but why is it broken ? And of course…

(you seem too young my little padawan)

…thousend of people (like me) who was singing the Queen song in there head don’t want this picture in there head the next time…

Technically you are quick and made a good scene…
Suggesting: make another person pushing him from the speaker desk so that the left sign on the flag is not visible, having a flag with a anti sign so the right flag sign is behind and unvisible (and delete the bullet)… it’s not a good idea of suggesting killing people who have (even dangerous) belief . It’s better to fight their misconception.

Or changing the title to: Stop this rigtht now. and make a no symbol over it. :no_entry_sign:

(Turning the volume on now)
'Cause I’m having a good time…
Don’t stop me
Don’t stop me
Don’t stop me
Hey hey hey!

Sorry for the textwall

Ah, i see it could be interpreted in another way i am not aware of.
First, the quote “Don’t stop me know” belongs to the bullet. And force were the only option at this time to remove this threat. I cannot imagine peaceful options. Also his dead would not completely solve the problem, but i guess it would have make big different. It could have things also turned worse, cause luckily he was a dumb strategist and lost the war. Omg, if they won the war.

The render should be a statement against them, not a call to violence. But i admit i dont care for the leaders of that part of history, and if i have lived at this time i wish i would have the chance / skill and determination to do an assault like this. Like others tried and unfortunately failed and died.

For the swastica, yes i recognized it is pointing in the wrong direction, and i thought about to correct it but i leave it at an interpretation as “Wrong direction”. Also i broke the symbol to satisfy german laws, cause i am living here and generally i am not allowed to use this symbol. I am not sure with this in combination with artistic expression, so just to make sure a troll does not have an option to make a successful police report of this.

I didn’t know that the counter-clockwise version belongs to the eastern cultures. I know that the symbol has his origins there, but i didn’t recognized they have different directions.

I am not that young, 46, but i guess not a big queen fan.

You make me a bit afraid of calling others to violence, i didn’t thought over this. And sorry if i make a connection about your favourite song and this dark part of history. I think about a more peaceful interpretation. But just a push feels just wrong and like a farce to me.

I change the name of the upload next time :), the title were already different.

Okay i’m sorry for the padawan :wink: and i admit i assumed you were younger. In the end art is always a bit controversial…, but i’m glad that you are aware of it…
But anyway: thanks, because i’m having a good time all day long yet and trying something with blender which is slightly out of my comfort zone and new challenges are always good… don’t stop, don’t stop, hey hey hey…

I think that society suffers from a collective delusion that killing Hitler would make all the suffering and evil go away. He did not choose Germany, Germany chose him. Also, I don’t think the swastika should be banned. Che Guevara drinking tea and the hammer and sickle are acceptable, yet, both are connected to some serious atrocities .


I’m looking forward to the cute cat pictures :3

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The swastika, as pointed out, is facing the wrong way.

Don’t back down from talking about Hitler and Nazi Germany, the stigma about it is way too strong for this time in history.

My interpretation of the bullet in the first version was as the muzzle to a gun from a would-be assassin. In that vein, the blurry DOF and broken swastika could be seen as the cumulative effects of history on the collective memory and the 20/20 hindsight of the end of Hitler’s reign. Maybe that is what you had in mind.

No, iam not. But Okidoki has a point it could some people inspire to kill “similar” persons actually. The chances are near zero, but it is more a question of principle. I am have no problem with this at that time, but nowadays there are other ways. From the aesthetics view the the contrast of a shiny sharp realistic rendered bullet with a blurry comic style background gives a very nice note in my opinion, and in philosophical way too.
I like the funny idea to make him quit with an pacifier, but it is more weak as statement and expression.

That is an nice interpretation :+1:t2:, but i have not that much thought over it and in mind.

I didnt expect to kick of such an discussion here.

Wow, that looks great.
I guess the first quick post from you where i interpret it as duster just was his beard in work :smiley:

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Yea he had some bad beard day :joy: