Challenge #944 "Out of the Fog" (23/07/21) Entries CLOSED

Theme #944 for Friday 23th of July 2021 is:

Out of the Fog

Entry closes on Monday, 22:30 GMT (Mon, Jul 26, 2021 10:30 PM)

How do I post my entry? Here is an Example: (click to open)

Title: Foggy


Please remember to state if your entry is pure, open or non-competing.

“There are two main goals for these contests: Fun and Glory.
Fun: You get only 4 days to create a cool image, based on the theme for the week.
Glory: After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared. The winner picks the theme for next week.”

For details please check out the: CHALLENGE RULES

Btw.: Comments are welcome in both threads (entries/voting). Have fun! :slight_smile:

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I can smell the toasted PC’s already, volumetrics for the win.

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I think I may try this, after a very long time hiding in the shadows, learning the new blender and getting my new computer.

Let’s see if I learned anything :slight_smile:

This might hinder my competitive edge but CGMatter had a tutorial on cheating volumetrics


It can’t be worst than Amazon’s new game :wink:


Her Ghost

Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - YouTube

Starting with the title :sunglasses:

Open entry, 1000 samples. I started with the file for In the Shadows :: Underneath a Gas Lamp (, deleted all the characters, and imported the girl from Upgrade :: Flight ( I changed her features to look a little more grim. I moved one of the walls to allow for her to be centered. It’s almost like the girl in the original image has come back to haunt us.


Should be easy, i can cover my laziness and mistakes in fog. :smiley:


hhhuuummm :man_facepalming: :roll_eyes: fog here i come :crazy_face:

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:relaxed: I’m happy with my render it looks killer just have to add a few more things to it and it will blow my mind (whispers " or yours "). :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Visit from London
Pure, cycles 1024 samples, render time ~3min., all made in blender, only procedural materials, the houses just extrudes from a knifed google map. The title came in my mind as i see it looks like these “City by night” postcards.

If you want to play with the tower: out_of_the_fog8.blend (317.6 KB)

Previous version


Out of the Fog

Pure - Blender 2.93 - Cycles


I swear he’s dissolved



It’s 8:58pm and 8 hours of rendering to do. :roll_eyes:

Everything else is done for now until render is done. :woozy_face:

4k UHD at 128 samples. 🤦

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"Slowly rising from the Fog"

non competing (pure), Cycles (32 samples, adaptive sampling, NLM denoising), Blender 2.93.1


The Arrival (Pure)


Title: Visitors
Models made on blender, got a image background in a site and used mapped as background, used mist and the compositor to make the fog.


Title: Too high for the fog!
Open category: I modeled the giraffe and the trunk, composition in photoshop.
Cyclex 512 samples

little modifications to trunk size and materials



Eevee / DaVinci Resolve


my fog looks like its reflecting light from the water droplets. mmmmmmm :drooling_face:
hope theres no size limit i dont have an image resizer since my harddrive crashed and i replaced it. :thinking:

looks like what i did with the lamp LOL.
looks good. :+1:
ill have to composite the lantern to get the effects im looking for and mask it with an over lay and feather it. :roll_eyes: :wink:
i watched tuts on masking for movie making a long time ago i just started using maskes about 2 years ago after about 10 years of using blender. you guys have been pushing me to use what ive learned that i thought i would never use in a challenge. :wink: :sweat_smile:
guess ill push my professionalism to the max next time.
what you think @Helge Max or mild? throw everything i have or just a little in the next challenge i enter?

Wispers " Maximum effort :man_superhero: "

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