Challenge #944 "Out of the Fog" (23/07/21) Entries CLOSED

Well here it is. 🤷


Name ( Water dwellers )

128 samples

4k UHD


Basic Sculpted the water dwellers at a multires of 9 each

Composited in blender

The person is makehuman with some sculpting I did.

The colors in the fog come from the procedural textures and the compositer from masking

6 area lamps


I used rectangles to move around in the fog to see where the best placement for the models would be so I would not have so many verts when deciding the place for them.

Mirrored the lantern then applied

Displace the ground and gave it a gun metal blue color and did a little sculpting for the waves

Had to crop the image down to get rid of some artifacts on the top and the render was not completed so I also had to crop the sides I didn’t feel like rendering another 8 hours again.
I did a total of 18 hours of rendering because the first render I forget to make the character visible in my render so 2 renders Total. :woozy_face:


Bell X-1. First aircraft to officialy break the sound barrier.

I whipped this out in a hour… and it looks like it! I like concepts, and this challenge I thought had so many great possibilities!

I may finish this to a almost satisfactory level for myself some day.


technical observation. I couldnt find a supersonic puff picture with the actual x1. Most likely it just formed around the nose area.

I wonder what this Button will do … :thinking:

Pure, Cycles 512 samples, glared and denoised in the compositor.

Re-rendered because I wasn’t happy with how the fog did not come out at all in the first try.


Hard to say. It probably depends on the idea you’ll have. Some ideas really deserve a little more attention than others. :slight_smile:
However, you could also just reduce the resolution a little. That will probably save you hours of render time, which can then be spent on refining the project. Usually, in the context of this challenge, high res entries only make things more difficult than necessary.

Lol. Ya, but I noticed that the higher resolution i have the less samples I can use for my render and the more the details show through.
My lower res images usually take longer than my hi resolution.
one low res render I entered in a contest took a whole week to render because of all the details I put into it. :sweat_smile: It was crazy. :woozy_face:
I can drop the samples down to about 50-100 with the high resolution.
I still try to figure how you guys render your scenes in so little time it drives me bonkers sometimes. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Well, in that case: make it 10.000*10.000px. :slight_smile:

Uh-oh. Non-competing pure, cycles.


That is a nice idea with the hands out of the fog.

I am curious, did you use smoke physics or a mix of fog box and displace?

thank you!

Actually, it is a bunch of particle spheres with a Principled Volume material and a wave texture. :slight_smile:


Thanks Midnightcpu, and nice work on your entry too :+1: , I really like the rainbow coloured fog effect you’ve managed to achieve.


Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.


Alioth - pure

I had a couple of different ideas for this topic, and didn’t really have time to polish either of them as much as I’d like. This one ended up looking better but I wish I’d had time to add a tiny Classic Loki facing off against him.

The body is a low poly mesh with geometry nodes based on a cloud generator I made a few weeks ago. The head is a more detailed mesh with the larger cloud lumps disabled so you can see the details. Lighting is HDRI from polyhaven and several purple point lights.


That snail skin texture is just wonderful, thanks for sharing!


Here’s my submission … I did recently. Catchy tune, fun and glory of a leader in our corporate environment !! (subtle imply).

@seemon I guess this is an ‘open’ entry? Just let me know if it isn’t. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Actually, a Displacement Modifier based on a procedural Voronoi Crackle texture is doing all the work. :slight_smile:


Here was my idea that I couldn’t finish in time.

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