Challenge #954 "Fast Food" (01/10/21) Entries CLOSED

“Fast Food Lover…”

Pure, 500 Adaptive Samples, OpenImageDenoiser, everything made in blender, textures painted, or baked, lots of Particle Systems, all materials set manually… well I was watching on youtube how to do few things properly… and… his name is Vincent… because… 3 full evenings together… it is a lot of time… with him… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG, until seeing your comment I didn’t saw the ketchup bottle. I thought it’s a meaningless design. :sweat_smile:Good work 3dnotguru :heart:

Fast Food

Pure - Blender 2.93 - Cycles


“Too Fast for Food”
How fast would you run so you wouldn’t be eaten? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cycles 700 samples NLM Denoising.



Pure - everything built this weekend in Blender. The texture for the food branding is an orthographic scene rendered in Blender.

[edit] Improved lighting, atmosphere, and a few other tweaks.


first Mc Donald’s shop

evee render, this is a reference to the actual first franchised mcdonalds shop. and in my opinion mcdonalds is the king of fast food!


why is the burger coming second to the healthy sandwich? The burger is the fastest food of them all!

I never thought about that :sweat_smile:

“not fast enough”
pure entry, cycles.

edited (needed to be a bit brighter)

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nice textures!

really cool concept!

Is that the Chick-fil-a cow?

heh, no it isn’t. wasn’t aware of that campaign.

burger fries


Well it fits. Chick-fil-a’s mascot is a cow (because it’s trying to get you to eat chicken). Their drive thrus have become notable recently for the speed of service.

Fast Food / Quick Vote:

A bit? A BIT?
I like your dark humor, but not this dark lightning…
I should not vote for that but i will do :slight_smile:

iderdown work, i just bright it up quickly

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What about adding a few spots? Might work just fine, too:

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Oh yeah, he could turn on a nice spooky emission for the heads :smiley:
And a red rimlight behind the cow maybe :smiley:


hey! thanks for the vote :smiley:
while i do tend to like the monochromatic moody look, it occurs to me that i should turn the brightness of my monitor down. (when i saw the pic on my phone is looked really dark)

thanks for the suggestions, spots or emission would be cool. ( i also wanted to add a chicken reading a newspaper… more like a complete hunting lodge, but time time time)