Challenge #98 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Doomsday Machine

Pure Entries

agrif [list:20e0a3ed5f]
The idea and concept is blatently stolen (Carl Sagan, Contact), but I wanted to do this anyway. So, when doomsday machines popped up, I thought, “Hey, cool!” and started. Sooooooo, yeah. Not really a doomsday machine, but it looks like one.

well, here is my entry. worked on it for a while, i rekon its a lot better than my last entry to wc

Vimanas, ancient Indian flying machines. They took part in ancient wars that once destroyed mankind.

You may think it is a little lacking in the “machine” portion of the topic, but you would be wrong. This is actually Enriq766’s “machine” only in the future - and I zoomed the camera out a bit too.

Here is my dooomsday machine…

its a super sized catpult. if you look near the bottom you can
see the controler.

“Doomsday on a slightly smaller scale”

this is my entry to the doomsday contest.

here is my doomsday machine:

Open Entries

block01cube [list:20e0a3ed5f]
Three earth coalition fighter ships try to stop the doomsday device before it hits earth! Will earth be destroyed? Only time will tell…

Here is my entry for Doomsday Machine weekend challenge
It’s Open…Used Lightwave.
I call it “Speeding Rockets:Frozen in Time”


First vote! And it went to kirpre.

#1 mifune
NEEDED Kubrick on this one, cmon guys, Dr.Strangelove!?!? THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE!!! i would voted for anything like that. oh well. i wish i woulda had time to participate :frowning: i missed this topic, i REALLY wanted it!!! oh well.
#2 agrif
love that movie (stupid movie, goooood ending) um, really nice render, but needs more of a single light source in addition to AO.

Enriq766 got my vote. Cool character and texturing!

Enriq766 rocks! I love that! Even though he has identical rust patterns on each side! :wink:

Texturing is amazing and the model has a real strong character. For some reason it reminds me of that movie The Fifth Element.

I wish I had entered.

Enriq766, if (when) you win, pick a good topic! (good being defined as whatever makes me happy)

Thanks for the early votes.

Enriq766 got my vote. Cool character and texturing!

Wow…you voted for me.


I noticed the twin texture and i did fix the legs and arms. It was 2 in the morning and wanted to submit it and go to sleep. After the contest is over I will add to this model and scene…and fix the twin textures. Thanks again!

Jus curious, why is block01’s entry open?

you voted for me SkeLeToR. wow. yes it is from a story of arthur c. clarke

17 votes already and my image was broke. fixed now

link here

lucky i noticed early :slight_smile:

thank you for your votes!

fly, your picture is Still broke… use photobucket or something…

new address for my pic

My vote went to kirpre for a good idea :smiley:


voted for agrif…absolutely outstading!!! enriq776…

I have to go for enriq776… just…


arangels was interesting, and so were some others,…but i voted for enriq.

Voted for Fly catapult. Gave me a good laugh and reminded me of Mars Attacks for some reason. Nice work folks!

Thanks Modron!

Fonix Wircs: My entry is open because I used Wings3D to model the doomsday device and the space ships. Everything else was done in blender.

Great job this week, everyone!!!



I really liked kirpre’s approach.

Enriq766 got my vote. Also reminded me of The Fifth Element. Very good texturing.