Challenge #990 "Winning soccer goal" (10/06/22) Entries CLOSED

Theme #990 for Friday 10th of June 2022 is:

Winning soccer goal

Entry closes on Monday, 22:30 GMT (Mon, Jun 13, 2022 10:30 PM)

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Title: Lord Polygon


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Really thought modelling a soccer ball would be rather challenging (not much of a sports fan so I never tried yet :smiley: ) I did all my research regarding the number of pentagonal and hexagonal sides and whatnot, tried for about half an hour with “object offset arrays” and mixed results, then caved in and googled for someone else’s smarter way.

Turns out:

Spoiler alert and a pro tip

The whole bloody thing is just a a rounded icosphere with beveled vertices. Who knew! Should I maybe get a better command of basic geometry as a wannabe professional modeller? :smiley:


If you are looking for a few more challenging designs, here is a list of official match balls since 1930:

:soccer: :baseball: :softball: :basketball: :volleyball: :football: :rugby_football: :tennis: :earth_africa: :slight_smile:

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Boring balls :smiley:
1970s still the best.
It has to be so looking dangerous that you want to kick it away or you are to afraid to kick it.

First i thought a bunch of moles standing puzzled around a hole, arouse attention of the keeper while a mole digs up behind him with the ball. :smiley:
But theres to much to model.

So i grow monster balls. :rofl:
How about a ball that mow the green while you play? But better use shoes with steel toe-caps.
Or a cow pressed to a ball will do it, also gives a nice Moo! when you kick it.


If Bon Scott was still alive he could definitely help to solve that problem. :wink:


“Schäfer flankt nach innen - Kopfball - abgewehrt - aus dem Hintergrund müsste Rahn schießen - Rahn schießt - Tor! Tor! Tor für Deutschland” (“Schäfer crosses inside - header - blocked - Rahn should shoot from the background - Rahn shoots - goal! goal! goal for Germany”)

Soccer World Cup 1954 :slight_smile:

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Did not know the song and i am a bit surprised its a ac/dc one, does not sound like them for me.

Come on, kick me, KICK MEEEEE
Open, cycles, 1024 samples, open denoiser, rendertime ~3min., all made in blender, eye texture is made in gimp, open cause i guess the hdri make a big part of the image.

MonsterBall16.blend (1.6 MB)


If you need some balls to start off:
MonsterBall.blend (120.4 KB)



Open entry, blender 3.1 cycles. Based on FC Benfica and FC do Porto. If this were a monthly project, the camera would be facing up, showing the cheering spectators. It would also have more players.



lol. Serendipity. I just modeled this last week for a cnc pattern. For anyone that doesn’t know I make and sell models for cnc carving. Occasionally, I share patterns to use for personal projects.

This is the last one I made. It can be used for 3d printing or cnc carving.

Grey scale height map


Be aware which jerseys colors you choose, might get up some troubles. :smiley:

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It is not as difficult as it may seem. See this tutorial


Just a goof that happened while I was playing with simulations.


Scored in The Last Minute 93:20



Forgotten Glory

Non-competing (Open)

Cycles, 4096 samples, HDRI lighting, DoF, Graswald ($), reused open can litter

The winning soccer goal was completed years ago. The old soccer field lays mostly empty except for late night partying as the city gentrifies and the young people search for better futures somewhere else.


Title: Big Hair / Bad Shorts. Seventies Subbuteo.

Pure. 3.2. Cycles


also you don’t see often grass with such bending, well done.

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Pure, Cycles, 10 Samples.
This is inspired by a character from the 80s anime Kickers.
I never really watched it 'cause I was a DuckTales kid :duck:


Spain vs. Argentina?

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PURE “table soccer”