Challenge #991 "The best of @Helge work redesigned" Entries CLOSED

The Battle of the Sun and the Moon

Pure entry, blender 3.2 Cycles. I had to give the sun some sun glasses. I used geometry nodes on most of the objects. Now that I only work 4 days a week, I have the energy to explore a little more :slight_smile:


One Giant Leap for Party Time

Pure, Cycles, 10 Samples
Alluding to Helge’s “Moon Pool Mood” of challenge no. #952 “Holiday on the moon.”
(Challenge #952 "Holiday on the moon" (17/09/21) Entries CLOSED)


Title:Maybe Never (2022: Welcome to Mars. ‘Maybe Next Year’ by Helge redesign).

Pure. 3.2. Cycles.

I really liked the idea of aliens endlessly waiting for someone to visit them: Challenge 967 2022: Welcome to Mars


what would Helge do…



"LED-Throwies checking out their antique ancestor :slight_smile: II”

non competing (pure), Cycles, Blender 3.2.0

I Recreated my (I think) second weekend challenge entry (#532).



Pure, entry just blender 3.0
Here is my entry based on the Challenge called Dinosaur #888
The question is, is the knight the preditor or the pray?


Sunset Glasses

Background image taken from Pro-Lighting Skies add-on.
All other models made in Blender.

Reference from Challenge 885: Challenge #885 Voting CLOSED


Okay it’s the first time i actually got an idea for this challenges… but for this (even if i don’t really know the artwork/artist :sweat_smile:) it would be unsuitable for only making one image… :thinking: then maybe i can make a comic page telling the tiny story i was thinking of… after some :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: time learning that i’m not an comic story telling artist :sob: i quiited :hot_face:… but there was this catchy tune playing in my head :crazy_face: and so i just made this animation…

So pure blender rendering and video editing and non competing :wink: :

The secret behind the avatar

and the hidden name in plain sight.

(I hope it’s viewable for everybody.)


really psychodelic art :smile:

MACRO (Behind the Scenes)

Pure entry. Except for one small texture, everything was made in Blender.

This is the behind the scenes from Helge’s entry from WC #622 - Photography. I wondered who would’ve take the picture of the little critter reading a book, and I thought a caterpillar with a tiny camera must’ve done it.

Here is the scene from the point of view of the caterpillar:

And here is the original for reference (the image sadly disappeared from the corresponding thread):

Thanks again for @Helge for going through his archive to find this picture and sending it to me. :smiley:



Non-competing, pure. Recreation of # 901 (ray of death) :

Rendered with Cycles using volumetric, postpro in Gimp, crossbone logo and text added with Inkscape.


So when do we see some crazy geometry nodes stuff?

This is great :smile:

I should have the image lying around somewhere. If you know the challenge number, I’ll probably be able to find it.

There must be something odd going on with heavy iron tools. I was going to model an anvil the other day. And what should have been a quick 5 minute thing turned out to be a lot more complicated. :wink:

You even managed to fit the H’s horizontal bar in there. :slight_smile:
The video is playing just fine for me. I should be able to copy it to the voting thread as well.

The memory is a little clouded, but if I remember correctly, this is exactly what happened.


That´s why it called hard surface modelling. :smiley:


I remember modelling an anvil years ago and being similarly frustrated by it.

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Strange, isn’t it? Well, in that case, it might be time for inventing a new modeling technique. If hard surface modeling just isn’t the right approach, maybe easy surface modeling is. :wink:

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It’s all those tapered bevels, IMO.

Yep. BTW, technically this is the 1000th competition because 10 years ago there was a 499.1 through 499.9 when @teeth went on hiatus and @3dementia took over and decided to keep #500 for his return. Challenge #499 Voting CLOSED - #45 by 3dementia


1000 weeks… that’s 19 years, so this has been going on since 2003. That’s so cool

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