challenge Entry

(blengine) #1

finally pulled together some inspiration to make a scene…its been a while, ive been getting kind of bored with 3d all together… :-? :-?

my latest for the weekend challenge =D its a flamingo :wink:


(BMD) #2

Wow! it’s very cool! i don’t know anything about weekend challenges, but that’s definetly cool
How did you do the drool? metaballs? subsurf?


(blengine) #3

thanks =D subsurfs for the drool yeah… draw oultine of drool, faced it, extrude back, subsurf

(Bentagon) #4

I just don’t get how you guys can do this kinda stuff :o
very nice work!

(Friday13) #5

That’s a flamingo!? What happened to it!? lol
That looks great.

(overextrude) #6

Very decent!

The textures are good - I especially like the one used on the feet, and the way that you used (what I guess is) the repeating texture in the background to give the idea of motion.

(blengine) #7

its actually a scene with motion blur… came out a little repeated like that, which is odd, but no way im rendergin again =D

(digitalSlav) #8

nice… alot like the dog though :frowning:

(blengine) #9

alot like the dog though


[waits for an insulting answer about his ‘dog’]

they ate the same radioactive goo… are u radioracist?

(basse) #10

eeeewwww… masta-eyes…


(rixtr66) #11

nice texturing!the focal blur is odd,i like it.are those bump maps?
as always nice work


(digitalSlav) #12

haha no insulting remarks about your hideous dog flesh beast :slight_smile: actually i loved it… this however is much like the dog but just doesn’t hit that same warm fuzzy spot in my heart :stuck_out_tongue: i guess it just doesn’t have the luster of your usual works. bored as stated and bored as shown. time for a revitalier project :wink:

(dickie) #13


but awesome as always MasTa.
i love your details.
you always throw in little happy
elements that have to be sought out.


(deks) #14

How do you make that ‘‘fluffy’’ hair on his body?? Man, pictures that you make is nothing i se every day! Butt i must learn to make that fluffy hair!!

(bobsaca) #15

i leeanred the teckniquwe from eeshlo… he just rocks… though i didnt use the script, and i used UV instead of NOR mapping, nor didnt work all the time for me =( , so i used UV and made the mgae size small =D
go eeshlo!

-bob sacamano :wink:
-gramps 8)

(paradox) #16

Very cool. You may be getting bored with 3D but I for one am not bored of looking at your work.