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I feel a little guilty that I have not said anything about this challenge.

I think it is brilliant and I see many great wips already, well done everyone keep it up.

Unfortunately, although I would love to, it is totally impossible for me to attend the conference.

I had the idea of doing a non-contesting wip, but sadly will not have time either.

For what it is worth my idea was to do a version of the 2.46 splash screen of Big Buck Bunny with the butterfly. It was the first blender version I downloaded.

My idea was to totally change the characters (maybe to a cat and mouse) while retaining the expression on Bucks face and overall propotions, with the mouse worried of getting eaten!

Anyone can feel free to use the idea as I do not have time to get anything done.

Good luck to all!


It’s not a challenge requirement to make your entry downloadable. However, if you include any assets under a ‘ShareAlike’ type license, you’ll need to reshare your entry under a compatible open license too, which means making it downloadable.


Dang it!

So, I have an idea. I can’t travel so I’m not entering, but I’ve been “inspired”. :roll_eyes: I look through the WiPs, seems like nobody’s doing the idea – I’m stuck, the idea won’t let me go, I’m gonna do it.

If I get this up on Sketchfab before the 15th I won’t tag it #bcon22challenge to avoid it being mistaken for an entry. But I’m thinking of doing a WiP topic. Any problem with me putting that in the challenge WiPs category given that I’m not actually entering?

Edited to add: while following (or trying to) on Sketchfab everybody with WiPs in the challenge catagory I found a non-competing WiP topic, so I’ve put mine up.


Is there going to be more than one winner? I really want to join this, are we going to have to be number one or is there more than one winner accepted?

@KickAir_8P No problem. I’ll add [non-competing] to the topic title though to avoid entering it into our judging process later on. Do you remember the other non competing topic?

@Benjamin_Marlenee See the challenge announcement:

Grand prize

Runner up

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Thanks! Yeah, this is the other topic.

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Hey, should something like “include a link to your SketchFab account in your first post” be included in Do you have any tips for keeping a great WIP topic above? I don’t bother WiPpers with it when popping their BA info into the SketchFab User Search finds 'em there, but that’s not most, and I’m a bit worried 'bout spamming the category with my multiple requests for Sketchfab acct links. :flushed:

Hi! I have some questions.

  1. The entry in Sketchfab should be designed as a “full scene” where the viewer can move and see any part of the scene? Or should it be designed to be seen from only one point of view? because if it is the second option, then there would be no point in doing anything that is not seen from the main perspective.

  2. Is there a limit when it comes to affecting the original scene? for example, I will work on scene 2.77 (The jellys), and I was wondering, can I modify the car? or changing it, let’s say for a horse (just an example), or maybe changing the color of one of the characters, or removing one of the characters… is there any limit to changing things in the original scene?

Thanks! :smiley:

What exactly means “reimagine”? IE, my first splash screen was Agent 327. Am I restricted to “Operation Barbershop” short movie, considering that original splash screen was inspired by it, or I can do completely different, independent scene as long as it’s Agent 327?

While you’re not required to do anything specific, one of the judging criteria is ‘presentation in the Sketchfab viewer’. Making the scene fully navigable as opposed to making it look good from only one specific viewpoint would definitely give you better points.

You can do anything you like. Your entry can even be ‘loosely inspired by’.

See above :slight_smile:


I’ve got a SketchFab question – if their FAQs have answered this I haven’t spotted it:

screenshot.2022-08-26 11.55.350x350

I’m not currently able to keep paid accounts, so I’ve only got 10 upload credits to work with until the 14th. And I haven’t uploaded anything to SketchFab in years, so I’m not sure what uploading there “costs”. One credit per upload? One credit per X polys in the upload? I’d like to know before I get started testing how what I’ve got looks on SketchFab.

Here’s more information on upload credits.

TL;DR: publishing a model that you don’t make available for download (free or in the Store), uses one credit. You can re-upload to the same model as many times as you need, and if you delete a model, one credit will be returned to you.


PSA: the free version of Sketchfab has a hard limit of 100MB. So don’t try to upload anything larger than that!


How much of the original splash can we change? for example can I remake the entire splash screen in the same style or would this be to extreme? or should I keep some elements from the original splash?

if you edit the 3d settings of a model, and then re-upload it because you did some adjustments on the 3d mesh but the materials are the same… will the settings be persisted across re-uploads? or you have to do all over again every time?

I ask because in the sketchfab docs it says material settings are preserved but i was editing the settings while the new mesh was uploading, and i hit save settings. Then i opened the new model and none of the settings where re-applied to the new upload…

3.3.0 went live earlier today, the blend file of its splash screen is now available for download from the demo page (directly, not via the gallery like the rest of 'em).

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Hello, Why I can’t modify my first post in my WIP :confused: … !!! want to modify my thumbnail by in vain; I see that everyone is editing their first post but I can’t :confused:

WIP: Splash 3.2 (Make a Splash in Amsterdam) - Make a Splash in Amsterdam - Blender Artists Community

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You need to be a Member- Discourse TL2 - to edit your posts :slight_smile:

where Can I find my progress in my discourse level ???

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Currently you’re a TL1 - Basic user.
Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
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  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
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You can compare that against your own stats here:

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