Challenge - Heads or Tails UPDATED

Edit 11-9-04 -Scroll down for updates-

I don’t know if anyone has done this before, but try and animate a quarter spinning on a table and coming to a complete stop. I have a 10 second animation already finished that I worked on the past two days.

Here’s the link:

I’m curious to see what anyone is able to come up with and how realistic it looks.

AllTaken’s gallery site lets you upload video, if you keep the compression/bitrate to sufficiently low levels (ie: small file). Looking forward to seeing it, and learning your techniques!

Ok. I’m attempting to host this file from my personal PC. Keep in mind this is a rough draft and I plan to work on it some more and add sound. But here it is.

I invite anyone else to try to make one and post your results. Then we can compare how we did it.

The model and texture of the coin is ok but the animation is much too long to make it look realistic. (Try it, I don’t think you are a ble to create a spin a coin that long)

The end of the animation is very nice though.

Looks good! I don’t think its too long… I would try to render it with motion blur, tho, to smooth out the motion (and bump up your render time exponentially, btw :frowning: )

I did use motion blur. Maybe I didn’t use enough. :frowning:

Maybe you’re just no good at spinning quarters. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just Kidding.

Here’s an update. I adjusted the ending and ADDED SOUND.

Tell me what you think.

Much better ending, And the sound really add to the animation. That’s pretty cool!

But when the quarter lies flat, you can’t see any bumps or grooves in it. Try to make a bumpmap for that. Otherwise it’s really realistic!

Thanks 4Daniel. I’ll work on that bumpmap!