Challenge me!

I need an idea for something to make in blender (anything)! I have been lacking some creativity lately and i need a new project to work on. Give me an idea and if it’s good, i will start on it! :smiley:

“Here be dragons” denotes dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of the medieval practice of putting dragons, sea serpents and other mythological creatures in uncharted areas of maps.

Here be dragons

Here are some ideas.

1-A free low-poly game prop resource. Nothing over 1000 verts, Trees, signs, barriers, rocks, everything you can think of.
2-An island to walk around on.
3-The most realistic forest scene you can.

Or, grow a spine, a complete full-size planet with all the trimmings (trees, rocks, snow).

An animation of a ball rolling or bouncing then “POP” out comes legs and it walks off - GO!..

Model Optimus Prime in 12 hours :evilgrin:

Gonna take someone else’s idea from another post “robot ninja unicorn”

Originally from fullmetalstudio

Moebius “bird” from the Incal.
By the way for Incal lovers (the bird is in 2min12sec):

The Thing (the Marvel character, not the John Carpenter flick)