Challenge to Make Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

Does anyone have any tips on how I could makes an aurora borealis effect? I’ve been messing around with particles but I’m so inexperienced. What do you think would be the best way to go about doing it? Also, some tips on snow would be great. I’ve got some pretty good renders, but I want to make it sparkle and have glints here and there.

Thanks for any help

Isn’t anybody going to help me. :frowning:
Please? :slight_smile:

Man, if it were me, I think I’d go for a stock shot of the real thing. There are literally thousands of royalty-free images out there, and I’d simply mix a few together (two-dimensionally), use them as the background to my rendering and be very happy.

P. S.: Especially on New Years’ Eve, don’t be alarmed if your posts do not get “responses within hours.” You posted an intricate question that does require some thought.

I rendered out a png sequence with alpha in Vegas then used that as the alpha channel & applied different colors to it in blender.


for the aurora, i’d have to fool around a bit first, i’ll try to get back to this.

hope this helps

edit: after a bit of thought, i’d probably go with the above, either an alpha channel of stock video. i’ll try to give it a shot.

Here’s a method that I used for a special effect that I worked on, and it would apply to your problem:

First, render a movie of a particle system of falling particles, as halos. This will give you the moving effect. You want each particle to appear at the top of the image and fall until it vanishes before reaching the bottom.
Secondly, create and animate a series of wavy planes, and apply the first movie as a texture to them, using the image for both the colour and alpha channels. Stretch the images so that your original circular halos become streaks wehn they are mapped.

Add a bit of post-processing glow, via the compositing nodes, and you will have a believable Northern Lights.

The blend file I used is here, though it doesn’t include the moving textures.




These look like some pretty good ideas. I’ll give them a try. I’ve been experimenting myself and looking at some videos of the real thing to try and get a better idea of the movement. I’m not extremely knowledgeable with mapping, so I’m just messing around. Hopefully I can get something good together to post on here.

theses can take almost any shape

so right there it’s a challenge for the shape itself!

but you could use a sort of curtain transparent and apply for instance the wave modifer

but this is only one shape that can be produce

another way might be to use partcules system with texture
may be do a test and let us know

it’s an interesting chalenge !

keep up the good work
happy blendering