challenged by copy/paste mirror in action editor?

Hi, I’m following this tut:

After setting up the armature for the first walk pose, then copy and paste mirrored to a frame 10 up from the first, I get some odities.

The legs, head, mirrored correctly, but the arms mirrored oddly. In the first pose, I have left arm bent and back and the right arm bent and forward.

Now it looks like the right arm is bent backwards and is next to the body and the right arm is bent backward and way forward of the body.

I followed the tuts trouble shooting to check/fix rotaion both in object mode and using the transform properties roll and I still get backward elbows?

I did move them to the correct position, but in the future it would be nice to use the copy/paste to its fullest. What the heck am I doing wrong? LOL

There are no C&P options in the Action Editor, and in the 3D Viewport the option from the Pose menu sometimes works better than the icon in the header. For Roll-Angles you need to press Ctrl-N in Edit mode with All bones selected, but only after doing Ctrl-A on the Armature and Mesh BEFORE posing, it’ll mess up if you’ve got keyframes set when you do it.


I dont understand all that you said, rolling? But I will some day. No C&P in action editor but when you C&P in 3d it auto adds the keys to action editor in frame set.

  • Select all bones in the armature.
    Copy the pose from frame 1 . . .
  • Click the “Copy pose” button at the bottom of the 3D Window. This copies the keys (location, rotation, and scale) for all selected bones that already have keys.Note: You may have to use MMB to pan the header of the 3D Window back and forth to find these buttons
. . . and paste the flipped pose in frame 11.

  • Move to frame 11 with ↑.
  • In frame 11, click the “Paste flipped pose” button. This pastes the pose in a mirror-image of the pose we just copied, and is a very useful tool!
    Then if it doesnt work correctly you try these things: [QUOTE][If pasting the flipped pose does not work . . .

Sometimes when you paste the flipped pose it does not work as expected. If that’s the case, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • In the armature’s Object mode, press Alt R to clear the rotation of the armature.[LIST]
  • If the armature rotated at all, that was part of (or perhaps all) of the problem. The armature object needs to be at a rotation of (0,0,0) in X, Y, and Z in order to correctly mirror poses.
  • To fix it, use Ctrl Z to undo the clearing of rotation.
  • Then, while still in Object mode, press Ctrl A. A dialog box will ask, “Apply scale and rotation.” Click on the dialog to accept. This resets the reference point of rotation, and forces the current rotation to be (0,0,0).
  • Now try copying and pasting a flipped pose.
  • If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to check bone roll angles.
  • In the armature’s Edit mode, press N to show the Transform Properties panel. #*With a bone selected, there should be a number field for Roll. This number should be zero. If it’s not, type in a zero. Sometimes an IK constraint will cause this number to be something like 0.001, even after you type in a zero, but that’s close enough.
  • Now try pasting a flipped pose.Making changes to the armature this way will probably mess up your existing poses and actions, so you’ll have to redo them.
    /QUOTE][/LIST]Neither of those things worked, my arms are still bent the wrong way. LOL.

Ok, maybe I understand what you said better. I read what you wrote and the instructions in the tut again and I think I understand now.
Before doing any posing that I might copy paste I should do the ctrl n with all the bones slected. Then set the poses.
When I didt the ctrl n with all the bones selected it did something else, so I selected each one and ctrl n’d it and set to 0.

I had to copy and paste several other times and just left the arms coocoo and went on with the tut. It doesnt matter for this. And it makes me laugh when I watch it in motion, especially when I add in the wave. LOL.
Thank you!

Thread revival heh heh, yeah I’m having this problem trying to follow the walk in the park section of the open workshop character animation DVD, maybe I’m doing something wrong but it’s hard to tell. I’m using the default biped rig which was on the DVD

I was just having the same problem, when I tried to flip the pose of my character his arms went mental off in all kinds of directions. So after reading this thread I went to edit mode and selected all bones, pressed Ctrl+N and that fixed it.
It now flips pose perfectly!

Cheers! :smiley:

Ahh, I’ll try that, cheers