Chamber updated 10-23-05

Alrighty. Previously, we decided to keep the World 2 Chamber as is, using Solocreator’s (Jon Carnell/Carnel/C.) model. You can see it here:

It’s the lil cyro tube thingamajiger on the left. However, we now have enough time to devote to remodeling things. Thus, I took Javier’s design and modeled it.

Is green the new black? Maybe, maybe not. I just used it to match the World 2 Server. Anyways, that’s the last of Solocreator’s models we had in use. (hehe… sorry Jon.)

Anyhow, this thing still needs quite a bit of work. Padding on the inside is a must… it’d hurt to lay down inside a hard semi-cylinder. And one thing I’m not happy with is how the objects just kinda go into each other at the top. See the ring around the semi-sphere clashing with the thing that has a knob?

Anyways, part of the redesign included the way the chamber was going to open. Originally, it was just going to be like a door. With the new design, we can have the glass slide down, as it already is part way. Nifty, eh? :slight_smile:

On a side note, I just discovered something amazing that apparently a lot of the Elysiun community already knows about, and that’d be . I just love the water effect displayed there, and the animation is so stylistic. I haven’t got animating textures (or making water for that matter) under my belt yet, but we’ll need it for good cinematics. Anyone have any suggestions?

crosses fingers hoping Cog will run by this thread

It looks good, fits into the rest of the scene better… but it does not have as much detail as the original, IMHO. I guess your working on that, but the original design had a pretty nice looking control panel on it that might be a good addition. Apart from that, good work!

Ha, my threads have a curse for having barely any comments. Anywho, small update, twas at a wedding today, so hadn’t had much time to work on this thing. And my concept artist isn’t responding online.

I can’t seem to get the inside to look too great… and I’m also having some trouble lighting the inside… well I guess when I put it in the Nova Observatory, that should be a problem :slight_smile: Any suggestions?

Alrighty, I put it in the lab, Still needs more work, but the bulk of it is done.

EDIT: This darn thing took 2:23 hours to render on a 700MHz G4 iMac with 256MB Ram.