Chameleon and Fly Short (Critics needed!)


so I have a new project. I’m planning a short and I thought I present the props I have so far.

Ok here are the first 6:


and since we are only allowed to attach 6 at a time here are the rest of the props.

So far so good more to follow in the future.

C&C welcome.

Don’t know about the buttons on that mouse. They look too long, and the scroll wheel too far back. Maybe it’s just a perspective issue. Apart from that, looking good. I particularly like the shape of the desk.

Thanks mtgg2000 for the critic.
Here are some orthos of the mouse grabbed from the 3D View.
I think you are right. In reality the wheel needs to be a little bit more to the front. But since this is only a prop I’m not sure if I want to change it yet. I think I’ll wait til I see it in scene. About the button length: that was a design choice by me.






Btw this is a right hand mouse.
Keep those C&C coming

Ok here is the beginning of the protagonist and I have a question for the rigging experts out there:
What is the best way to create the legs for later rigging? Letting them stick out to the side? Modelling them downwards or modelling them in the bend shape which is typical for a chameleon?

Anyway here are the renders from the 3d view

C&C welcome.

Re: Animation legs.

There is no right or wrong answer to this. I prefer to model something at the “rest” position. This is a lot easier to visualise when taking the first step. And I have also made more than on rig for other actions to make things natural.

Now here comes my problem what is the rest position? I guess I’m just gonna check an approach and see how well it behaves.

Ok here is a small update I simply build them bend.
I have no idea if this will work for animation … only one way to find out.

So give me some critic.

Small update. This is a bookshelf. The books all have the same material currently and will be updated down the road.

So lets hear some C&C

Ok a small update I finished the legs in the back.

I’m not too happy with the angle they are standing out at and I have to verify that the toes actually only have two claws.

Next on the list of things to do are the claws and the horns on the back line.

Stay tuned and give some C&C

just maybe one small comment on the legs…are you not using wrong (twice) applied mirror?..I would use some refference images for some directions…the looks little bit strange…:spin:

Nope chameleon have those strange toes.
I’m using refs and to my surprise that is how they actually look. The three things coming out of the foot are actually claws which I haven’t finished yet. The front one has three and the back one has two (at least in the refs where I can clearly see it) but I will have to research if this is actually true.

you are right :spin:…should have checked it before my comment :wink:

hey musk, nice work :slight_smile:

one question though: Is this the SuSE Linux Chameleon? :wink:

Not yet maybeapreacher :wink:

This is coming along very nicely. My only crit–and I may be off base–is that the back leg looks a little strange. There appears to be a slight inward curve in the thigh that doesn’t look physically possible.

I’m looking forward to seeing more progress.

I see what you mean mgetty. The leg is definetly still off and I will try to correct it on the next turn.
In the mean time I have finished a waste basket. Materials are not done yet. It is way too shiny and the texture doesn’t seem to be of a high enough resolution. The holes are alpha mapped texture and keep in mind that in the final scene this wastebasket is going to be sitting in the background near the desk.

Keep those crits coming.

Decided to do a test with all the props put together into a set. So here is the set I’m going to use. There is still lots to do especially the lighting has to be worked on. I also have to find a way to speed up the AAO calculations as 11mins is way too long for the render. Anyway here is the set

Still missing is the texture for the outside scenary and I haven’t added any lights to simulate the bounce lights, but considering the rendertimes I will probably change to shadowbuffered lamps anyhow.

Tell me what you think.


thought I post an update to not let this thread fade aways into oblivion and in the hopes that somebody has some suggestions.

Ok here is the head of the other actor of the short:

C&C welcome and needed!

Wow, you’re doing great, but what’s the story?

And do flies usually have that small eyes? They appeared to be bulging in each pic I saw.

Great work so far though.