Chameleon car paint

Ok this is my very first tutorial for blender.
this took me about a year to figure out and now i can share it with you
this will be a written tutorial because i dont do videos
anyway lets get started

first off you will need your origanal car paint set up, pick a color because it will be your
main color for this.

now go to the end and add a mix shader
now get a add shader and connect it to the mix shader
now here comes the tricky part a bunch of nodes turned into a group
connect them in this order
1)texture coordinates “window” output
2)connect to color ramp fac input ,output “color”
3)connect the color output to a diffuse bsdf color input

now that this is done set the colors you want in the color ramp
ok now connect the group to the top input of the add shader then connect a
glossy shader to the bottom input of the add shader.

now take your car paint off and connect the chameleon to the material output
then go to your preview in you material window and ajust the color ramp to your liking
after your done connect your car paint and the chameleon back into the mix shader
now add a Musgrave texture with a scale of 1,000 color output connected to the
fac of the mix shader now your done
the color you get depends on what angle your view is and the direction of light
hope you like and enjoy your new chameleon car paint :wink:

and heres a preview
the main color is purple
the cameleon is light blue,green,and yellow
this is a custom F1 I made

Forgot to tell you this is for cycles

This looks pretty cool, but could you just show a screenshot of the nodes? There isn’t just one car paint material, and it sure would help a lot of people :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing this, can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

Might take me a minute ill have to see if i can use my ps move cam on my computer to do it

Sorry for the crude way of doing this but i dont have a cam good enough to take pics

ok you can turn the ones in red into a node group by going to nodes and clicking on group which is the blue then connect

you can use any car paint setup you want an connect it to the top of the mix shader

you can make the car two tone by putting one color on the color in ramp cameleon paint and use the main car paint or 20 tone in the cameleon
the cameleon color never ends

You can take a screenshot within Blender, just hit Ctrl + F3, or go to Window > Save Screenshot. But thanks a lot, I’ll be trying this shortly, and I’ll be back if I make anything interesting with it. :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thanks again! I didn’t even use a car paint shader here, it’s basically just your setup with a couple of tweaks, I’ll be playing with this some more :slight_smile:

looks great i like it