Chameleon VS fat fly

Junk food has consequences :wink:


nice, would like to see a little better lighting though…it’s kinda dim. But the overall concept is very creative!

Thanks!! umm yes, maybe it needs more light… I’ll try it

Cool. very funny. I like it.

Thank you!

Even though it is cartoony, I still think the chameleon could use some bump mapping. The fly could use a bit more exaggeration to drive the point home and the branch needs more work. Love the concept though.

  • Floyd

Thanks FDameronUT, I tried bump mapping in the chameleon, but it’s the first time I use it and I don’t know if I get the best result. What do you think?


It’s a step in the right direction. When creating lizards I like to use bump mapping to exaggerate the scales. The main rule about this though is to have fun. Look forward to seeing more work from you.

  • Floyd

Very sweet stuff. The fly is supacool. You may get a lot more out of it with better light, material and render settings.

Try giving a bit more detail to the branch, and possibly a background image of a forest.

Great idea! :slight_smile: I really had to laugh when I saw this picture!
Yes maybe a little more detail on the branch, but not too much, it’s not the main object. Same for the background, another image could be a plus, but keep it blured! The chameleon could look a little more suprised maybe, the fly is brilliant though!
Keep going :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for the feedback! I’m just starting with blender and I don’t know how to do so many things (like realistic materials or good lighting). I’ve tried to change the background and improve the branch, but I really don’t like the results (I like minimalism :)) so I think I’ll keep it like it is and focus in another work (it isn’t that bad :wink:

If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. Anyway, you can almost always find a tutorial on the web for how to’s on Blender. Best of luck.

  • Floyd

I love the concept! Very cute