chamfer vertex

I tested the chamfer vertex script and it would only chamfer a point into a rectangle with no options for more than or less than 4 sides. How do I do this in 2.72 with more sides. For example if I were doing a tufted surface on a cushion where I wanted a six sided chamfer on my tuft, and wanted to choose every second vertice to create the diamond pattern. There is no longer a select checkered in 2.72 so either I would have to select every second vertice by hand or is there a script for checkered selection for blender 2.72? Here is a sofa I modeled in c4d a few years ago.


As for the checker select I just discovered checker deselect. I will see if it does selecting every other vertice. Now I need to know about the vertex chamfer. Thanks

I see that Marco started with a roundcube. He then did a checker deelect to select every second vertice. Then he did a vertex connect and then he did a vertex chamfer. This problem has now been solved. Thanks!