Please could someone tell me how to chamfer the edge of a mesh %|

Thanks :smiley:

In Edit Mode:

W key --> Bevel
or Mesh --> Edges --> Bevel.

That’s ok if you want all edges chamfered, but If you want to chamfer only a single edge, that is not possible in Blender right now.

not possible in Blender right now.

Actually there’s a script that comes with the standard blender package that will bevel individual edges… look thru the menus of a 3d view for a “scripts” option in which this resides. (sorry so vague… my blender is tied up rendering right now, so I can’t give explicit instructions, and my memory is slipping in my old age… :wink: ) I’ve messed with it a little and it seems to work in some cases (don’t know how far it’ll go, ‘cause I havent’ pushed it…?)

Hope this helps…

the script is called Bevel Center. Use the Mesh menu with your mesh in edit mode.

Select the edges you want beveled and call the script.

Thanks alot :smiley:

The bevel center script works great, are there any other scripts that are usefull when modelling in Blender?


Indeed. One I started to use a lot is “Loft Two Vertex Loops…”. Works pretty good most of the times.


where would I find that, and what does it do… %|

sorry I’m new :wink: