Chamfered Edge Smoothing

Hey all,

I seem to be having issues with chamfered edges on my model. I am making a plane that goes in Flight Simulator MSFS. It has doors and panels on the exterior. The fine openings have small chamfered edges. In Blender (3.0 Alpha) the door seams appear fine and perfect, but in the sim, the doors appear bloated out, like inflated pillows. This is my second plane to make in Blender. The first was started in Max, but this one is pure and its having the issue.

I cannot seem to get the smoothing ‘localized’ to the edges. the entire shape seems to all require the same setting. In Max, we could reduce or increase smoothed area’s of parts. In Blender, you have Crease setting, but that doesnt appear to carry over into the simulator.

Any suggestions? So far, if I ‘Edge Split’ the chamfer edge away from the float zones, it looks ok from a distance. That is my fall-back. But if only the parts didnt require cutting up.

You can see how the door appears to look like 2 big pillows, while the edge (same size seam) on the nose was cut using Edge Split, the inner seam is detached, so the seam appears proper. It doesnt seem right that I need to cut it up.

Many thanks for any input you might have.

Edge Split is a blender modifier and your model seems to be chamfered by a Flight Simulator (because:

the entire shape seems to all require the same setting

) You say the node has cutted edges, so for me it’s seems to be completely right to cut the door, which u are doing in Blender with the Edge Cut Modifier (apply for export? or manually).