Champions League 02: Frustration from Olympiakos!!!!!

(Timonides) #1

O.k. I know you’ll probably start teasing me…

Well, I don’t mind!!! Most probably you’ll be right!!!

Anyway Olympiakos lost last night with a score 3-0, by the (theoretically…) weakest team (Makabbi Haiffa) of his group!!!

The first goal was a non existant penalty, but that’s no excuse ofcourse…

Olympiakos was frustrating!!!

Now, exept Manchester, all three teams, have equal chances to proceed to the next round…

We’ll see…


(valarking) #2

i love football!

(Timonides) #3

valarking as I told you in the other thread, you have to decide…

Do you love or do you not love football???

Do you have a dual personality problem or something???