Champions League: Predrag Djordjevic is a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Timonides) #1


I am really happy tonight!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My favorite football team Olympiakos F.C. has beaten Bayern Leverkuzen, last years finallist, with a score 6-2!!!

And Predrag Djordjevic although he was sick the past 2-3 days, was unstopable!!! And he scored 3 goals tonight. At the third, he passed anyone who was infront of him…

HE IS THE LIVING, BREATHING, GOD of football in Greece…

My God, no one is sleeping on Peiraeus tonight!!! It looks like the whole city is on fire…

Next game is with Makabi Haiffa…

I wish we’ll have the same luck with Manchester (I doubt it, but miracles happen once in a while though…)


(IMProvisar) #2

6-2 in football? I can see 6-3… but… oh yeah… you people are talking about soccer, lol.

Just joking with you, congrats on your win. :stuck_out_tongue:


(fullback) #3

Congrats skontar. I wish I could see more Champions League matches.

Are you guys going to have a parade in Predrag’s honor? You could slap together some paper-mache floats, put up lots of bunting, have some fireworks, dancing maidens, etc. etc. :smiley: Just make sure things don’t get out of hand.

(Timonides) #4

Oh my god!!! I am watching again and again Djordjevic’s third goal in the news and I can’t believe it… and he was supposed to be ill, with high fever!!!

Here is the description of the game from the official uefa site:

Too late. Olympiakos fans burned the whole city last night… :stuck_out_tongue:


(Timonides) #5

Oh!!! And here are all the resaults for the first Matchday of European champions league:

Matchday 1
17 September 2002
Arsenal v Dortmund 2-0
Auxerre v PSV 0-0
Basel v Spartak 2-0
Valencia v Liverpool 2-0
RC Genk v AEK 0-0
Roma v Madrid 0-3
Ajax v Lyon 2-1
Rosenborg v Internazionale 2-2

Matchday 1
18 September 2002
Dynamo v Newcastle 2-0
Feyenoord v Juventus 1-1
Man. United v M. Haifa 5-2
Olympiakos v Leverkusen 6-2
Bayern v Deportivo 2-3
Milan v Lens 2-1
Barcelona v Club Brugge 3-2
Lokomotiv v Galatasaray 0-2