Chances of current major projects getting into 2.50

In major projects I mean like

-Jahka’s particles

I’ve been looking in the CVS logs and the last commits of these seemed to be a few weeks old when they were very frequent before. Could it be these and other major projects are approaching completion and will soon be done, as in the finishing touches is being put on for intergration into SVN? I mean according to what I found Jahka completed most of the planned stuff, Briggs has been getting the python API done and GLSL has made major progress, could it mean they will be in 2.50?

i guess that:

Jahkas particles will, glsl will, and the other GSoC projects will, not sure about the BMesh, that one probably depends on if it will be done by the time! :wink:

wouldn’t BMesh cause the need for Jahka’s particles to be updated in order for them to properly work?

well, i guess thats possible, but BMesh is modeling related and particles are particles, so how much updating would be needed in that case, is the question! :slight_smile:

probably something like changing the code letter N to B :smiley: lol

@cyborg dragon:

:spin: do you make anything else instead of thinking about new features? :spin:

Sleeping, eating, … ? :smiley:


QMC also seems like a sure thing. How about the render API? Interface redesign? (a major thing that was supposedly coming in 2.50).

I’m curious. Does anyone know what happened to the clouds generator?



I would call it Cloudware…

Well, I’m glad my question didn’t raise a storm.

then why not in 2.46? That would be awesome.

Yeah there was a post somewhere here that was implying some of these features could be possibly implemented with a 2.46 version before the 2.50 is ready. I think harkyman or LetterRip was proposing it… correct me if I am wrong:o

In anycase, with the scale that some of these changes will affect blender, (Render API, event refractor, and the such) I personally don’t mind if the Devs need a year to get some of these tools more solid and implemented correctly. But hey that is just me… Zbrush took forever and a day to get v.3 out, but it was a wait well worth it.

But there are some great things coming thanks to all the Developers, you guys are awesome!

Right now I think I’d settle for a build with whatever it is that the Plumiferos bunch uses, or the Peach people.

The Plumiferos people put a lot of their stuff into SVN, and the Peach people don’t have a build yet.

A good renderman implementation was promised, but BtoR hasn’t seen any decent activity in the past months…
Just now when pixie has hit version 2.2, faster, better, cooler…

Will renderman ever come within reach ?


There will be a new rendering API as a result of one of this year’s GSoC, something we can be sure of since Ton Himself was the mentor and Aaron really worked hard on it.
After that plugging external renderers in Blender should become much simpler and better integrated… I hope.


We also still have cloth, 3D sound and the demolition script in the works, some getting really close to completion. Seems there’s always something for the next-but-before-2.50 version out there to look forward to :smiley: