Chandelier, made in blender 2.79 and rendered with renderman.

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What is renderman? Never heard of it

Doesn’t look finished to me, but more of a start into Look development, shading & lighting. Especially since you’re using PRMan, you should use it to it’s fullest.
Firs, fireflies really destroy your work. (Which engine did you use?) Second, why didn’t you apply the denoiser since it comes with one of the best in the industry. Also, lighting really is dull. You should do something to emphasize brilliance, precious materials are really worthy of great lighting sim with caustics although sadly, diffraction is out of scope, but anyways… nice start :wink:


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Hi, for the ligthing, i wanted to keep something simple. Just a light on the side of the object and a hdri map. But i will try to get another lighting, that looks more appealing.

And for the fireflies, i tried to get ride of them in my composition. I tried to use the denoiser of renderman but i wanted to render my project with the incremental option enable (so i can’t use the denoiser lol). I plan to get a new computer to have better renders (I build my computer in 2010 lol).

Thank you a lot for your feeback! :wink: