Chang buttons location.

Hi. Just started learning Blender the last few days, awsome program but hard. Noob question, how do you get the buttons to run down the side of the scree.



right click anywhere inside a button panel and you a message is proposed to you concderning panel alignement, change this to the one you want, in this case, vertical.

Turn that bottom bar into a side bar, you mean?

Move your mouse over to the border between the buttons window and the 3D window, it should turn into a double arrow. RIght click, select Join Areas and merge the buttons window away. If then you go to the bottom of the screen again until it’s a double arrow thingy, right click and select Split Area. Now you can place the second window, which then you’ll only have to change into a Buttons Window again through that icon in the lower-left corner. The buttons will still be horizontal, so right click and align them vertically. Ctrl+Mouse Wheel scales them.

Thank you both.