Change a texture many times during animation? (Link to video)

(SOLVED, see below)

I need to animate Digital numbers on a Digital Gauge (Pressure Transmitter).
Normally, I could use a video as a texture for this, but I need to have the numbers display actual DATA at the correct time for this example.

UV Map Images for the numbers.

The numbers will change every second (Every 30 frames at 30 FPS). I only need to do 5 different numbers.
It would be nice if there were “Texture Keys”.

Any help is appreciated.

Video here (low res):

My only solution is to animate the scenes 5 different times with a different digital number, and then use a video editor to splice it together.

Or I could have duplicate objects, with different textures (Digital Numbers) and swap the object instantly using Keys.

Lastly, I could make an actual video (as a texture) of just digital numbers and try to time it exactly one frame at a time for the Blender Animation, but I don’t have a video editor that will work like that anymore. Seems like a lot of effort for a short clip too.

Use a value node to animate change and use the output of this node to change the texture coordinates. Place all numbers side by side in one texture and change the texture coordinates to map from different places. You can use a math node to simplify it further, use the modulus operator to get a loop from one to five regardless of actual number in value node. This way you can simply animate the value node so that value increases linearly during the whole animation duration.

Just to extend a bit more kesonmis’ advices… If the numbers are all in the same texture file, you can animate a mapping node for changing uv coordinates. If they are in different textures you can mix them with RGBMix nodes and animate the mixing Factors.

In any situation, however, you may want to go to the graph editor, select all the material keyframes and set the interpolation to Constant.

Thanks guys!
With Nodes, I used your advice and Figured out how to use mapping and Keys for the texture (No cycles)

Here is the video update Link: