Change add-on scripts, gives I/O error

Hey all. I’ve found the answer to one of my problems long ago, but the solve involves changing some code in an add-on. Whenever I hit save, it will always give me an I/O Error.

The error is exporting a .exe of a game from BGE. I find the 2.69 scripts/addons (my current version, since I have many), and use the IDLE to change the script. When I hit save, it gives me an error
Permission denied. is there any fix? I’m on admin account

Try using something as simple as notepad to change the code. It might be something to do with python being unable to edit root files.

If Blender is residing somewhere like Program Files, then you’ll need admin privileges to edit the files. The simplest solution is to copy the add-on to your Desktop, edit the file, then copy it back. You should be prompted about needing elevated privileges, which you should be able to grant (assuming this isn’t a school machine or some such where you have a more restricted user account).