Change all IPO modes at once

I’m setting up a 10 second character animation, and I would like to block everything out pose to pose.While doing this it is helpful for me to have all the ipo interpolation modes set to constant so I don’t have to watch all the wierd tweening I have right now. Is there any way to change the interpolation mode of all ipos curves at the same time? It would be cool if I didn’t have to go through all my bones when I need to change the mode, in case I need to jump back and forth between bezier and constant.

If not, would this make a worthwhile script (hint hint :wink: )?

Thanks in advace

a script should be easy, like

" get the current scene, get all object, get all bones, check if they have ipos… with every ipo assgned to a bone set interpolation to linear"… i just don’t have the time to dig deeper, but any pyru (PYthon-guRU) should code that easily… slap me if i’m talking nonsense :o

no need for a script. Just select all keys (Akey or box select) in the action editor, in the ehader go to Keys->Interpolation Type-> then constant (pop through) linear, or bezier. THere should be a similar option in the IPO window as well. I believe this is what you were asking.

Cool, thats what I wanted. I didn’t realize I could change the mode in the action editor. Thanks.

:o … good to know