Change alpha according to material "thickness"


I’m struggling to find a way to alter a materials alpha according to its thickness.

What I would like is a material that gets transparent as it gets thinner

Any suggestions?


What you’re looking for is a volumetric shader. Not sure if one exists in Blender yet. Have a look at the last couple of release notes, there might be something about it in there.

Surely the Ray Transp. ‘Filter’, ‘Limit’ and ‘Falloff’ settings deal with this - though I don’t know to what extent. Have a look here:-

i think colorband should do what your looking for
just put 2 colors from tansparent to dark
and may be use a blend texture but that;s playing with it you should find
the best way to do it !
and it should work fine


Thanks for the replies, will look into them and experiment.

To get a better idea of what I need, if you had the default blender mesh of the monkey, i would want the ears to be semi transparent but not the face, this also needs to be combined with sss and translucency to get the right organic look.

this Subsurface scattering contains an example for the trransparent ear of suzanne if i remember well

so it should also do the job but may be not the way you think or want it!