Change an armatures default position / rotation?

Hello everybody,

i’ve created a character (head with eyes, nose, mouth and lips) and added an armature and bones and begin to animate it now. The blender tutorials and the book were a great help so far.

The character is completely rigged and skinned.

But the expression that the character makes in its default position (ALT-G & ALT-R) looks bad, its mouth is open a closed mouth would look better.

Is there a way to change the default positionof the armature?

Thanks for any hints,

Yes, you can
i try to explain you in english :

  1. Set your character in the position you want.
  2. Apply the deformation of the armature to your character.
  3. In pose mode, do <Ctrl-A> to modify the rest position of the armature.
  4. Re-parent the armature to the mesh.

Voilà !

Found your answer while searching the forums for just this bit of information! Thanks!