Change an object into an empty, possible?

Hello all! First time writing in these fine forums (and probably under the wrong sub-forum with my luck) but I’m interested to know if there’s a solution to this…

Is there a way to change my geometric nodes into empties, similar to what you can do with objects and object data?

I’ve been working on a rig, and being somewhat new to Blender, I’ve made my controller objects out of geometric objects. And just right now I noticed that the empties had different shapes other than the mechanical 3-axes, and I thought they were fantastic. And this being my first time actually building a rig on Blender, I want to have my absolute best at it.

Thanks, and sorry if it’s the wrong forum. Couldn’t quite figure out where to put it.

Don’t waste your time…

Set the objects to non-render-able in the outliner (camera icon) and in the object tab, set the viewport render mode for the geometric controls to “Wire” and also turn on the “XRay” option so your model won’t obscure them.

I use geometry for rig controls all the time… set to not render, they are basically the same as an empty… a visual representation of a specific point.

No need to change them… the rig will still work just fine.

Thank you, I will take your advise. :slight_smile: