Change Axis Constraint Shortcuts


is there a way to change the axis lock contraint from y to something else?
if i move an object and hit y it automatically gets contrained to the y axis adn i’d like to change the hotkey for this :slight_smile:

cheers christian

Why are you hitting y in the first place?

You should be able to change shortcuts in the user preferences,i haven’t found a use for it so hopefully someone else can tell you exactly where it’s located.

i want to map it to “y-LMB” beause i very often move vertices/objects accidently since they move if i click and drag anywhere on the screen.
so if anyone knows where to find the option PLEEEEEASE let me know ^^

If you don’t want to drag anything you can increase the Tweak Threshold value in the User Preferences / Input panel. Maximum value is 1024 pixels