Change background colour?

Okay, real noob question but, how do you change the background colour in the render? i have seen people do this, but up til now ive avoided finiding out by putting a plane or something in the background in the colour i want. However, this doesnt work when i need something to reflect a different colour than default blue. I cant put a plane in because it would get in the way of the camera.
So how do i change the render background colour?
thank you:)

Buttons window -> Shading panel (F5) -> World buttons (the little blue globe) -> World panel. Here you can find the blue color that you want to change.
But if I may mention, you can find even more details on:
Have a good Blender experience. :slight_smile:

o there it is! i cant believe i never saw that before! i fell so dumb now…ah well :slight_smile:

Well, this must be for an old version of blender because I don’t have the same options as in this post. I must say as a newbie, I find Blender extremely frustrating. I just want to change my background color and none of the suggestions I’ve seen work. I wish I could just right click the background and get an option to change its color. How do I do this? I just have this horrid neutral gray. I can’t even figure out how to change the color of my objects. Wow, this is really hard.