Change between cameras on the standalone player

Hello, I’ve my scene setup and I’ve 2 cameras (one is ortographic and the other prespective) when I play on the embeded player if I press 1 or 2 it changes between both everything is ok. But in the standalone player nothing happens. It just sticks with the active camera when I start the standalone player. The keys (1 and 2) don’t work there to change it.

No one? :frowning:

I usually use python to swap camera positions, and then change camera properties to make it into the new camera, but I have never tried swapping perspective/ortho if I remember and I have time I will take a crack at it.

add 2 cameras
on 1 of them you place the bricks (or on any object you like).

keyboard (key of choice) -> and -> scene(set it to: set camera, select cam 1)
keyboard (key of choice) -> and -> scene(set it to: set camera, select cam 2)

hit standalone player and tadaa

This is exactly how it is. I’ve those settings on a empty in my scene. Again, it works in the embeded player not in the standalone. It must be something that doesn’t allow cam swap while in the standalone. Weird.

if you do exactly what i said, it works, i tested it here.
im using blender v2.76

It doesn’t work here. I don’t know if being on a Mac has something related to it. Is there any camera setting I should take a look?

Please create a demo blend and post it.

here try this: does that work?
change camera.blend (461 KB)

Thanks to that I found the problem. I’m on a MacBook which don’t have numpad so I have in the interface settings the ‘emulate numpad’ on so I can use the number keys as numpad for navigation/view bounds, that’s why it works in the embeded player and not in the standalone (because standalone don’t take it as emulate numpad) so when I opened your file and notice that you had key 1 and key 2 and I had numpad 1 and numpad 2 I immediately realized. Just switched the emulate numpad off, assigned the keys (1 and 2) and now it works. Thank you!