change color of an object and play with it?

hi, i need some help here, i want to change the color of my ship, but i dont know how to do it, and i want to play with the color that i changed, please help and thanks

Go into the shading tab and change the color. If its a texture edit it in another program

You can also play with material IPOs.
or replace the complete mesh

In Blender 2.5 you can use Python to directly change the object color. Or, you could iterate through the verts and change their vertex color (this can also be done in older versions)

thanks to all you guys, but, i want to change it on other scene, and i want that when i return to the main scene, the ship color change to the 1 that i changed on the other scene

Then store the ship color in globalDict (if you need it between .blends) or GameLogic (if you’re just using things like overlay scenes).

For the vert coloring I made a tutorial a while ago. Its still valid. You could probably tear apart the script and get the effect you wanted.

wow thanks sunjay!, im just wondering now…how can i play with it on the main scene??:confused::confused:

How can you play with what?

with the ship that i changed the color

Ohhh. Sorry.

This is for the game we are working on right?

I would just assign a variable in GameLogic.globalDict and then have an init script that only activates on level load, that colors the object.

WARNING: The script cannot color objects with UV textures…which means it might be useless to you depending on how to want to do it.

Right now, there aren’t a lot of solutions to color objects with UV textures. You can do it…it will just not turn out like you would think it would. You should probably just make several different colors of the UV texture, apply it to that many different meshes, then give the user a set amount of choices like normal racing and ship games do.