Change color/texture of table in exr multilayer composition


I have a wooden table animation, that I want to render in 10 colors and a 3 textures. Can I render 1 time to EXR multilayer files. And then make the rest of the versions with other colors/textures in post processing?

It is a total of 35 hours for one animation in good quality, so I would like to leave it to one render in de proces. 11 x 35 is to much time.

I was looking at tutorials about EXR multi-layer format. It realy can speed up the proces of rendering.
Render 1 animation (to EXR multilayer files) and in post production make the other versions where the objects have different objects/materials.
As I understand with the EXR file you have acces to all the information needed to make another version of the animation with the colors of objects changed.
Or even objects replace by other objects (as far as the shadows alow it).

I already have AE and can change the color of objects.
But I don’t know how to material swap or texture swap the table in the animation.

Hi ,
You should be able to do this by creating new scenes (top right corner in the Blender UI) .
Each scene containing the variations you want (objects, materials)
In Compositing, Render Layers allows you to choose which scenes you want, to mix them, or save them separately.

Considering that is only one shader, you can manipulate colors in DiffCol layer and use UV pass to change textures. Use Cryptomattes to isolate objects, and keep an eye for all colors that are bouncing off your object. If is a different material it’s better to render again.

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