change color with logic bricks

Somebody knows how to change the color of a mesh with the logic bricks? Is there an actuator for it? Thanks

Yes the IPO actuator, you simply have to animate the vertex channels and the alpha channel… Use the search function, it should come up with something useful…

Thanks, i thought there were maybe an easier way to do it like a color property actuator or so…

What do you need this for anyway?

you can use a material IPO.

go to frame 1, and select your first color in the material button window.

Hover your mouse over the MATERIAL BUTTON window, and press I and select RGB from the menu.

Go forward a few frames, select a second color, and press I and select RGB again.

Now all you need is an IPO actuator to make it work in the game engine.

You can use as many colors as you want, and you can also change things like the Alpha value.

this same trick can be used with lights to change their color, and intensity.

Not everything in the I menu will work, you will have to experiment with it.