change coordinate system and increase FOV


    thanks to everybody for all the help so far, i have been working on this very large world.

  Since it is so large, it has grown out of blender's Field of View and the edges are being cut off,  how do it increase it ??? 

   I have also noticed that the coordinate system of blender is different from the game engine i'm using (ogre, which y is the up vector) , is there a way to change the coordinate system of blender to match that??? 

 thanks for all the help again.

You can increase the FOV by going to the View menu in the 3D header and selecting View Properties sub window . In the field that says “Clip End :” increase the value until the clipping issue disappears .

And no you can’t change the Z axis up thing not at this moment at least . This is mostly a view port issue and may be solved later when and if the refactoring takes this in to account . So for now just rotate your models 90 degrees along the X axis and apply the rotation with Ctrl-A before exporting in Object Mode and/or create an empty and parent your scene (already rotated 90 degrees along the X with the rotation applied with Ctrl-A) to the empty and then rotate the empty 90 degree along the X to use the Z up view port hotkeys . And work on them in Local orientation . Just remember not to export the empty … or just delete it before exporting .