Change cylinder properties

When I create a new cylinder I get the little Cylinder window where I can set the number of vertices, caps, etc. However if I do anything prior to making any changes in that window, I lose the window. How do I get that window back, or how can I reduce the segments (vertices) after the fact?


You can’t once you’ve made and accepted the changes when you add the object.

Ok. Thanks.

I’m using 2.58 and I can’t seem to find the menu where I can change the number of verts etc. after adding a cylinder. I thought it was supposed to appear in the toolbox. Does anyone know where it is?

It is in the lower left part of the 3D window. If the toolbox is hidden use the “t”-key to bring it up. Perhaps you have to toggle the small triangle to the left of “Add Cylinder” to open the sub-menu:

Pressing “F6” will show the same informations in a separate window.

After you have manipulated the object in any way these setup possibilities will disappear.
Then the only way to bring back the setup informations is to delete the object and start from scratch.