Change Dopesheet B-KEY to LEFT-MOUSE CLICK?

Hi All,

I want to alter the User Preferences so when I left click in the Dopesheet I can box-select key frames. I saw a mention in another post that this was possible by changing the Border Select from B to Tweak-LEFT. But this does not work.

Is there anyway to do this in Blender?

Well as long as you don’t mind not being able to scrub the timeline in the dopesheet with the left mouse then you can:

I’m in the process of slowly setting up Blender the way I like it but I’ve used the maya keyconfig as a starting point so I have little experience using Blender with it’s default hotkeys so there maybe other thing you’ll need to do to get it functioning right.

Thank you, it works, I would have never figured that one out.

How did you know to type in anim.change_frame, by the way?

Pull the line just under the top menu. There’s another area over the menu where Blender tells you everything it does in real time.

Sorry, I also forgot to say you’ll need to add ‘anim.change_frame’ to the NLA Editor (NLA Editor->NLA Editor(Global)) and Video Sequencer editor (sequencer->sequencer (Global)) to keep them working with the left mouse.

Because it was what I disabled in the ‘Animation section’ :wink:

I can’t say I fully understand it myself, but basically everything in the ‘Animation’ section will override anything in the dopesheet, graph editor, timeline, NLA editor, and video sequencer. Basically the order the list is in is important as things on top override the things below.