Change Extruding / Grab to adifferent size

Can someone please explain this.

If I extrude or grap a mesh and I press ctrl and move it. It always moving 1 grid, but can I change that size? For both extrude and grab.

If I remember correctly, you can change that under the preferences. Drag down the top of your Blender screen and you will see a bunch of setup preferences. There should be a setting for this.

Once you have done this, remember to press CTRL+U to save the prefs.


No its not there… i thougt i founded an option called ‘offset’ but that don’t work.


That is the right spot and the option your’e looking for is ‘grab grid’. Also, if you do ‘Ctrl+G’ it will move one unit at a time, but ‘Shift+G’ will move in smaller units. And you can use ‘Shift+Ctrl+G’ for the same effect.


ok with shift+ctrl I can move (grab) it with 0.1 instead of 1 but how can I move it, lets say, 0.12 at a time.

To do as you requested, I would do the following:

[>] With your mouse cursor positioned in the 3DWindow, press Shift_F7,
[>] You’ll see a button with the text ‘Grid 1.00’; Shift_Left Mouse Button click on that button just to the right of the number, then press Shift_BackSpace to erase the numerical part. Type in the value to set the grid at, in your case ‘0.12’, then press ‘Enter’,
[>] Press Shift_F5 to return to the 3DWindow.

thanks! that’s it:

:o where can I find al those hidden options. There must be a lot of them.

Luckely I’ve got my blender book in 2 weeks from now

There’s a number of resources around. Here’s a few:

Blender Knowledge Base

An old FAQ by Carsten Wartmann:

HotKey list by Joeri (Click the ‘HotKeys’ link) :

A hotkey list by Basse based on Joeri’s list in a couple of formats:

Other than that, it’s best to just do as many tutorials as you can from the list posted at the top of the Questions & Answers forum.