Change grid size

Is there a way I can change the grid units from “blender” units to different sizes such as cm, inches, feet, yard, etc…?
I’m coming from Maya and those settings were quite handy for creating say a frog using inches, then in another scene creating a human using feet, and so on, then importing one scene into the other and having the sizes proportional. Maybe there is a way to do this in Blender and I just haven’t looked in the right places yet.

image says it all. but so does google.

I see that… but I don’t see changing it from inches to feet, or cm to meter. It just says exactly what that picture says. It’s all fine and dandy to do it in metric if you know what metric units they’re using. So no, the image doesn’t say it all. It says only what I saw, but no specific measurement sizes.

For imperial you can input lengths of inches as " or in or inch or inches and feet as ’ or ft or foot or feet and yards as yd or yard plus other standard imperial units
With metric you can input lengths as mm or cm or m or km or other standard metric units
Just type the number and unit in a length box and it’ll accept any of these units.


Ooooh that explains it a bit better, thank you!