Change how dynamic topology works?

Hello, I have an issue with the way sculpting in Blender works that is driving me insane.

I like consistency, and the fact that Blenders sculpting seems to work with pixels(so it is different depending on how zoomed in and out you are) when using dynamic topology is driving me to insanity.

Is there a way to change this or do I have to try to get along with it?

Best Regards

At this point, you have to try to get along with it. AFAIK. Personally I quickly grew to really like it… but some options would be nice.
I suspect that a mode that judged by actual vert spacing (quickly and consistently) would be non-trivial to implement… But there is the ability to lock Brush Size to be consistent with the model rather than screenspace. Maybe a similar solution might be possible for DT. Tweaking the size-setting based on Object-POV-distance, or something like that.

Just in case you’ve missed it: You can use shift+D to control dynamic detail size. And the edge-to-center distance of the circle-widget represents the actual edge-size that will be produced.
I’d love to always (optionally) have that kind of visual indicator. Maybe just a single line, since the circle is slightly confusing and already indicates Brush Size.