Change influence radius of a proportional edit

I’m trying to create a landscape from a subdivided plane using proportional editing (using Blender 2.33 on Linux). I need to increase the radius of influence so that more vertices are altered when one is moved, but num+, num-, and mw don’t work. These just zoom in and out. Also, there are only two falloff options–sharp and smooth–. Is there a way to manually input the falloff curve? Any help is appreciated.

number pad + and - do work. make sure you have the ‘numlock’ key toggled on, on your keyboard.
<edit> also, use g to grab first, then use the + - keys. or s to scale.

I know how to use numlock, but I didn’t know you had to be translating, rotating, or scaling to change the radius. I’m used to 3dsmax where you can change the radius anytime from a dialog. I appreciate the help. Anyone know how to change the falloff slope?

O Toggles fall off on / off
Shift O Toggles between fall off shapes

Thanks, but I meant was there a way to use a custom value for the falloff slope, instead of being stuck between two choices (sharp and smooth). If there’s not such an option, would it be possible through scripting?

there are only two modes, sharp and smooth

and there are numerous sizes, adjustable when moving (or rotating or scaling) with the number pad +/- keys and the mouse wheel (recent releases)

python is not good at making interactive ways to edit meshes. I know of no script that remotely sounds like what you ask. That said, it isn’t impossible to make one but you will probably be a lot better off [short term] by just doing your deformations in parts or whatever

awhile back i left a thread entitled ‘i found a new sculpting method’. if you do a search for that post, you may find the technique described within to be of use.

Has something changed here in 2.40? I was using this fine in 2.37, but now I am not able to change the radius of influence using either the ± buttons or the scrollwheel on the mouse. In fact, when I am grabbing in proportional edit mode, I don’t see any circle representing the radius of influence at all. Am I in some kind of weird mode?



Maybe the circle is zoomed too big or too small to see? You can zoom it with Page-Up and Page-Down in 2.40.


Not sure, but I think you have to press the ALT key and - or + numpad key.


To affect radius us mouse wheel, Alt +, Alt - or PageUp, PageDown

On the the Header just to the left of the Select Mode buttons (vert,edge,face) is the Proportional Edit select with it on a falloff select will apperar to its right allowing six selections for falloff settings.