Change key-bindings for number of cuts on Loop cut and slide?

Is there a way to change the key-binding for the number of cuts on the “Loop cut and slide” tool? I know about using numbers to do it but I would prefer to do it with pen movement and a modifier if possible.
I use a wacom pen so mouse wheel key-bindings are just useless to me.

I don’t know if you can change the key binding itself but you can use page up/page down and numerical input too.

This is a pretty old topic. Has anything changed since then?

Can’t find a way to assign my custom shortcut to change Number of Cuts for Loop Cut Tool. Out of the box it is possible to change this number with the mouse wheel or with the Page Up and Page Down keys. But when using a graphics tablet and a pen, these combinations are terribly awkward. I want to appoint my own (Q and E) instead. How to do it?

P.S.: By the way, for most other operations that use the mouse wheel and PageUp/PageDown, I have already successfully remapped shortcuts (for example, for proportional editing). But for the number of cuts, there is no such option in the Preferences (or I did not find it).

Nothing’s changed. Those mappings are hardcoded, so there’s no way to change them (outside of modifying Blender itself).


Oh, I got it. This is sad.
Anyway, thanks for clarifying.