Change layer visibility in Blender 2.63

Hey guys,

How can you change layer visibility during animation in the new blender version? The old ‘layer’ IPO key that I always used seems to be gone. Is there any way around that or any other uncomplicated way to let objects appear/disappear?

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In the Properties window under Object (cube icon) you can change the objects layer. Then press I or RMB over the layer to insert a keyframe. Repeat at other frames.
Another way to control an objects visibility is in the outliner window. You can set the objects visibility (eye icon) or renderability (camera icon) on/off. Again you can keyframe this by pressing I with the mouse over the icon.
Forget about IPOs, they don’t exist. Keyframe other parameters the same way as above.

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Great, thanks for the quick help!

Which one is the right key for the layers? Location doesn’t seem to do the trick…

Got it, the renderability worked! Thanks again!

Richard Wrote:

In the Properties window under Object (cube icon) you can change the objects layer. Then press I or RMB over the layer to insert a keyframe

I use Blender 2.66 and nothing happens, is it a Version problem or am I missing something

Apparently, there’s something wrong with this functionality in 2.6x (later versions). I’ve posted about this in the animation forum:

Apologies if this is considered to be a crosspost, but I’ve recently understood the forums are meant primarily for developer questions, rather than user questions.

Anyway, I’ve still not found an answer to this, and it seems I’m not the only one, so I might as well give it a go here.

Btw, fortunately, since I’m using the game engine, I was able to work around this by using endObject() and addObject() actuators. Granted, it’s a little ‘over the top’, but it worked!

Layer animation was deliberately removed, revision 51946

OK, thanks for clearing this out!

…just to know, if layer animation is removed, what is the “suggested” way to go?
I just need to make disappear at a certain frame number an object from the viewport (not only in the render), and reappear later.
Thank you in advance.

See post #2 in this thread

Ok sorry. I read it more carefully, and succeeded.
All the best, thank you and sorry for slow understanding.

Thank you thank you! I spent an hour and a half trying to find an answer to this and almost gave up. I am using Blender 2.8 with Grease Pencil layers. To clarify for people like me who didn’t understand the first time, put your mouse over the eye symbol next to the layer and then push the I key. The eye should turn yellow; now it’s visibility is keyframed. If you put your mouse over the layer name itself, nothing happens.