Change manipulator size from Python

Hi there,

I’m trying to create some scripts to help my modeling workflow. I’ve already managed to tap into some features of manipulator, but I’ve no idea how to change it’s size.

I see that in User Preferences there is a Manipulator Size setting, but it’s tool tip doesn’t tell that much: UserPreferencesView.manipulator_size

My question: Is it possible to access user preferences view items from Python, is there some context for accessing manipulator size?

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  • Sami

The access path is



Thanks, I just came to check the thread / answer myself, as I found the thing you mentioned.
But thanks anyway!

I already got it working, I wanted to replicate 3ds Max manipulator size up/down mapped to +/- keys functions.

I ended up using these two in this manner:

bpy.context.user_preferences.view.manipulator_handle_size = 25
bpy.context.user_preferences.view.manipulator_size -= 10 (or += 10)

So, I setup manipulator handle size to certain size I like, then I can also resize gizmo as I like, when I’m modeling.


  • Sami